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Embracing a Well-Nourished Lifestyle

We take pride in challenging beauty industry standards. Our conviction lies in nature's power to provide the finest products, not manufactured in a factory. Bid farewell to acne and oily skin with our natural solutions.

Care for your overall wellness.

100% Vegan

Ingredients are taken purely from plants. Bundles with antioxidants, minerals and natural oils help in repairing and maintaining soft skin.


Neither our product nor its ingredients have ever been tested on animals.

Paraben Free

Our quality, high-performance ingredients are always formulated without parabens and preservative acid.

Made in Singapore

Each of our products is formulated and manufactured in our headquarters in Rochor, Singapore.

Embracing Skin Confidence for All

At Yasai, we're committed to making top-notch skincare accessible to everyone. With a fun and professional approach, we collaborate with local and global communities to empower individuals facing skin insecurities and help them achieve their best skin yet!

Customer Experience at the Forefront

Designed for All, Including Sensitive & Expecting Skin: Our products are uniquely crafted to tackle skin concerns arising from Southeast Asia's hot and humid climate. We cater to those with sensitive skin and pregnant women, ensuring gentle and effective solutions for everyone.

Accreditation & Awards

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